Seydou Kienou

My name is Seydou Kienou,
I am a musician, percussionist, originally from Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso.
I started playing at the age of three thanks to my father Baba Kienou, Chief Griot of Burkina Faso who during his life had 33 children who had all become musicians. The Griots are wandering figures, traditional of African culture, they hold knowledge and pass on tradition and history through the oral transmission from father to son. The Griots narrate the past of all African families through music, songs, celebrations, poems. They are the bearers of music and knowledge.
With my father I started playing the Doundoum and subsequently the Djembè. At the age of 14, during a festival in Burkina, I met a German doctor, passionate about African culture, who brought me to Germany and thanks to him I started traveling the world. After numerous experiences with various companies (1994-97 with "Bonogo de la Maison des Jeunes et de la Culture", 1997-98 with "Kogoba du Burkina Faso", 1998-2000 with the Atelier Tèatre Burkinabé "), in 1998 I created my first company called "Soleil d'Afrique". I have made several tours and I got the first prize of the "National Culture Week of Burkina Faso". Later I was called to Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Holland Switzerland, Norway, Luxembourg, Belgium and Budapest for several performances as a soloist and as a percussion master. In 2004 I composed the music for Michel Linas's film "The Infant Crocodile". In 2006 I arrived in Italy where I stopped at the moment.
During my stay in Italy I participated in several Festivals (Calafrica Festival in Calabria, Piedigrotta Festival in Naples, where I had the pleasure of playing with Toni Esposito). I performed percussion internships for adults in Catania, Palermo, Rome, Savona, Naples, Caserta, Lamezia Terme and Forlì. I attended an evening in Palermo for the Malaussène Cultural Association. I played with the musicians of the orchestra of the Manzoni Theater in Bologna. I did several charity evenings, including at Naima di Forlì for Emergency. I performed several shows for the LVIA Association in the South. I played at a party for the Association for "The fight against hunger in the non-profit world" in Forlì.
In Forlì in 2011 I created the group "FARAFINA GOU NOU" consisting of percussion and voice, bass, guitar and drums with this group I performed several concerts in the theater (Diego Fabbri di Forlì, Candle Factory of the Municipality of Forlì, Masini di Faenza ) and participated in the MEI 2012 festival in Faenza.
Since 2009 I teach in elementary and middle schools with an intercultural musical project with which children learn to play, sing and dance African music, the workshop includes the construction of drums and a final show.
In 2013 I created a new group called "AFRICA DJEMBE’ KALOBA "with which I am taking the musical project GRANDE MADRE AFRICA around Italy (starting from Africa via Europe and arriving in America).